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Unearth the Secrets of the Core With the Core Keeper Content Reveal Trailer!

During this years PC Gaming Show, we saw a small glimpse of what the upcoming mining sandbox adventure, Core Keeper, had to offer, with multiple colourful biomes, epic Titan encounters, and co-operation (with a dash of competition) being set in the underground world of the Core. With the full release of the game on the horison, we got a peak at what we can expect from our delve!

The first new feature being added in the 1.0 update will be a new and improved World Generation system featuring tools to allow players themselves tweak the seeds to make each run more to their liking! Want to emulate a cavernous underwater sea, want to experience true chaos, or just prefer to have a bit more ore to find? It's all there for you to tweak and share with your friends!

With the full release of the game, you will also be finally able to uncover the secrets of this cavernous deep you find yourself in as the conclusion to the main story arc will be added! But fear not, completing this is not the end, as the game's sandbox has much more to offer, such as The Passage, a new endgame biome to explore.

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Core Keeper is, at it's heart, a co-op experience. However, sometimes your friends may keep pressing your buttons or you want to prove your crew is the strongest! New in the full release is a PVP system that allows the admin to flip a switch and enable head-to-head competition. Will you form teams or adopt an every-explorer-for themselves approach? Either way, this may be a great way to try out the new Mage and Warlock combat styles and test your brain against their brawn.

If you're not yet sold, the full release will also include a plethora of new bosses, enemies, pets, and equipment for you to discover and try out. Get your friends together and delve into the depths, or go at it alone; the Core is calling.

Core Keeper is set to emerge out of Early Access and release onto both PC and consoles on 27th August!

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