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UNITED 1944 Announced To Release On Early Access

Developer Novarama has announced the Steam Early Access release of their new title,UNITED 1944. Set to launch on 12th December, it boasts a “unique blend of shooter, strategy, and survival,” based on the Second World War but not historically accurate. UNITED 1944 will begin with three massive maps set in West France and North Africa, including two game modes to play in.

The first game mode, Domination, is a 16 vs. 16 squad-based FPS with territorial control similar to other World War II online multiplayer videogames. However, with a twist, UNITED 1944 has a versatile base-building mechanic used to fortify positions and hinder attackers. The other mode, Survivor, is the closest to single player where you tough it out on your own, turning into extraction-based gameplay.

United 1944 Screenshots AllOut scaled

After each match, players will receive skill points related to the class: sniper, demolition expert, medic, and general infantry. You can also play as a resistance member or civilian (yeah, you heard me) that can be upgraded with class-related skills.

Inspired by the stories of guerrilla warfare displayed during World War II, the maps will be a mix of battlefields and countryside filled with structures both militarised and civilized. Weapons will also be a mix of standard and makeshift, including a blow-back-operated pistol for close-range combat and an imitation of the Polish Bechomiec gun.

Besides working as a team or on their own to fight enemy forces, players can collect resources scattered around the map to be used for weapon and gear manufacturing and to build defences on control points like landmines, outposts, and defensive walls.

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In total, the early launch will include three maps, over 20 weapons, and over 40 skills to learn, as well as more to come in early 2024. As a celebration of the title’s announcement, UNITED 1944 has an open beta now and is available until Sunday, 19th November. So, act fast.

If you're interested, wishlist UNITED 1944 now.

Bennett Perry

Bennett Perry

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