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Unravel the Mystery of Z3R0 in Knockout City Season 3: H@CKeD

Unravel the Mystery of Z3R0 in Knockout City Season 3: H@CKeD

Velan Studios and EA Originals have announced the launch of Knockout City Season 3 - H@CKeD, the dodgeball-inspired title, for players worldwide. Season 3 challenges dodgebrawlers to navigate a decommissioned jail yard after their world has been hacked by Z3R0, an all-seeing eye which monitors the television, billboards and even the Brawlers’ outfits. The new season also gives players a chance to investigate who, or what, Z3R0 is. 

New gameplay content for Knockout City Season 3 includes:

  • 4 Brand New Playlists and Events - Dodgebrawlers will discover new modes and fresh twists on existing ones throughout the season. These events will award Holobux, XP, or event tickets that can be used to buy cosmetics in an event shop.
  • New Weekly Crew Contracts with 18 New and Exclusive Crew Cosmetic Rewards - Players can investigate the new Crew Cosmetic: Crew Horns, which are a set of unique and wild horns that play as your vehicle skids into view in the Match Intro cinematics. Additionally, new weekly Brawl Pass Contracts and new Training Level and Training Contracts are around every corner.
  • A New Map: Lockdown Throwdown - An abandoned jail yard with some still functioning  security systems. Spotlight Drones patrol the prison, and any brawlers caught in their path will trigger a Security Turret that will pop up and fire a Cage Ball towards the player. This mechanic can be used to gain an advantage on an opponent by throwing them off the map, or a player can be purposefully spotted and attempt to catch the Cage Ball to use against the opposing team.
  • The All-New Brawl Pass - Brawl Pass is a new mode that has 100 levels with unique rewards to score along the way. Levels unlock as players finish matches, earn XP, and complete Brawl Pass Contracts. Each week, players will see 6 new weekly Brawl Pass Contracts that can track the progress as players play and leveling up will grant exclusive new Cosmetics, Crew Vehicles, Energy Drinks, Style Chips, Holobux and more.
  • Additional New Content - A new energy drink, player voices, Chonky locations, bundles and shop items and more.

A new Crew Vehicle for Season 3, Motorcycles, come in five various styles:

  • Legendary – Ghost Rider
  • Epic – Tech Bike
  • Rare – Boba Biker
  • Rare – Crypto Chopper
  • Rare – Barracuda

Find out more information on Season 3 - H@CKeD in the blog post linked here.

Joshua (Shnook)

Joshua (Shnook)

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