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[Updated] Lizard Squad Claims Responsibility for PSN and Xbox Downtime, Set Games as Free

[Updated] Lizard Squad Claims Responsibility for PSN and Xbox Downtime, Set Games as Free

Update -

A tweet that was quickly removed stated that Lizard Squad were being interviewed by Stephen Nolan on BBC Radio 5, just after 11pm.

At 11:15pm Member One and Member Two, apparent members of Lizard Squad, were interviewed, one sounded European and one was British. Nolan laid into the Brit, who is 22 and works in security. about being 'the idiot' who was ruining peoples Christmas Day. 

Sony and Microsoft were apparently chosen because they were such big companies that were warned this would happen - but chose to do nothing to prevent it or protect themselves.

Member One only had a few things to say, with Member Two being the majority voice.

Lizard Squad has less than 10 members, and apparently took up Kim Dotcom's offer of a bribe to stop. $300,000 worth of vouchers for lifetime accounts on the file sharing service Mega. Some members plan on selling them.

Member Two was unrepentant and refused to apologise for "ruining children's days". He says there is no "endgame", or reason, other than seeing if they could do it. He isn't worried about being caught, though knows he may serve time if he is. 

Member One reckons that it would cost a "couple of million dollars a month" to prevent attacks like this - and that they should do so. Especially as Sony and Microsoft charge for PlayStation Plus and Xbox Gold accounts.

They were not looking to get anything out of it, despite accepting the vouchers and ceasing the attack. They claim they are not responsible for the continued attack, after they accepted Kim Dotcom's offer.

The following is a tweet from the 'official' Lizard Squad Twitter account, which claims they have had nothing to do with today's downtime.

During the interview, the following tweet went out on the account linked in the original story:


Original Story -

In a series of tweets, the hacking group Lizard Squad have claimed responsibility for the downtime on both the PSN and the Xbox, which has resulted in thousands of gamers unable to play online with their brand new consoles.

Sony must be fighting back, as the Squad have tweeted several times that they have hacked the PSN.

They have even set some games as free, which other Twitter users have replied with confirmation. They include Destiny and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, though other users have stated the price has returned to normal.

We'll keep you updated on anything breaking.

Did you manage to grab a "free" game?
Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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Guest - 11:41pm, 26th December 2014

Wowwwww. This is crippling Sony!

Guest - 01:43am, 27th December 2014

What a bunch of tools