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V Rising's Major Update Gloomrot's Reveal Trailer and Information

V Rising — the open-world co-op survival title — got its first major update named Gloomrot. This new content arrives just in time to celebrate the title's one-year anniversary and over three million copies sold.

In this update, players can look forward to multiple new features added, including a whole new section of the map for the biome of Gloomrot. This new area — which is split into two sections, north and south — houses new enemies that come with a new blood type: Mutant. In total, there are 30 new enemy types to find and defeat.

Aside from fighting mutated enemies created by sinister science and exploring the almost monochrome new environment, Gloomrot offers an update to the building system. Aside from the improvements to building and more decor, castles can now have multiple levels to them through the addition of stairs.

Lastly, whilst players explore the new biome, build a castle, and fight the new enemies, they'll have 13 new bosses to hunt down. Each one offers knowledge and abilities to gather as a reward for defeating them.

Check out the launch trailer right here at GameGrin! And if you'd like to know more about V Rising, feel free to explore our other articles, including a preview.

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