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Valheim Surprasses 4 Million Units Sold

Valheim Surprasses 4 Million Units Sold

Following the most recent sales update from Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate Studio’s co-op viking survival game Valheim, the team behind the hit were more than pleased to announce that the game has officially surpassed 4 million units sold. In just 21 days, Valheim has breached 500,000 concurrent players, one of only five games in steam history to do so, and upon counting all collective hours, the game has been played for a total of 10,000 years, just three weeks since it’s release. As of writing, it is also 36th on Steam’s top reviewed games. If you want to see the hype for yourself, Valheim is available to play via Steam Early Access.


Valheim is 36th on Steam's top reviewed games, with an overall rating of 94.82%


The game hit a peak of 500,000 concurrent players

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