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Vampire Survivor's Discount Available Now

Vampire Survivor's Discount Available Now

Prospective buyers of the ever-famous Vampire Survivors will be delighted to hear of a brand-new discount that has hit the Steam storefront after the release of the game's highly anticipated local co-op update. 

Get the Overwhelmingly Positive title with 98% positive score and nearing 200,000 total reviews at a 25% discount! With dozens of hours of content for completionists and even more for those who will boot it up and want to play just one more round, Vampire Survivors will be a perfect game to pick up to play for 30 minutes or less.

This discount is also extended to its Legacy of the Moonspell DLC at a 25% discount and even the recently released Tides of the Foscari, which you can get for just £1.19 and £1.27, respectively.

This discount is only available until the 31st of August, so make sure you get it quickly before it runs out!

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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