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Vampire Survivors Local Co-op Release Trailer & Information

Eager vampire slayers will finally be able to invite everyone to play with them! Grab your lover, friends, mother, siblings, and more to play the genre-defying Vampire Survivors with up to four different players!

The trailer shows off various features of the gameplay, showing a new outline system to differentiate friend from foe, four-player co-op, and the usual mayhem you'd expect from a poncle trailer. 

The good news is that local co-op is completely optional — no achievements will be tied to ensure that everyone can get them without feeling the obligation of booting the game with others. You also can start with any save, as you can choose how many characters you play as and even which DLC to play, since it is currently local co-op only, you will need to connect to one account. This means that with one person owning Vampire SurvivorsTides of Foscari, and Legacy of the Moonspell, four players can experience the bullet hell world and play as all of the new characters.

Vampire Survivors Local Co op Trailer Screen Shot Out Now

You will also be able to experience local co-op at no additional cost — this is a free update available to everyone that owns the base game. Those who experience crashes after starting a local co-op run should try restarting the entire Steam client, as this new update might clash, so a quick restart might solve your issues.

Those hoping for online will have to resort to using Steam Remote Play — at least for now. poncle has allured at the possibility of adding Online Co-op to Vampire Survivors, but whether this will come to fruition entirely depends on the difficulty of the task. As a small, remote team, working on new changes can be an overwhelming undertaking, so the team does not promise the release of online co-op ever but is looking to see if they can add it in the future.

Vampire Survivors local co-op update is out now for everyone looking forward to trying it!

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