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Vampire Survivors Making-of Orchestra Recording

It's been nearly a year since Vampire Survivors  released and took the world by storm. Its simplistic and addictive gameplay design fits perfectly into the PC gaming sphere, and to share this accomplishment, poncle shared a video showcasing the Tides of Foscari Orchestra, including the making of the beloved theme.

Developer poncle shared a story about how he used songs from the main composers to put himself in the right mindset to develop Vampire Survivors, as you can read below!

Tides of Foscari Orchestra Original Soundtrack

Its music has been a key part of Vampire Survivors' development from the very start. During Early Access I would often receive a track from our main composers and musicians, Daniele and Filippo, and use it to get myself in the right mindset while building new parts of the game. So, without the soundtrack, Vampire Survivors wouldn't be half of what it is today. That's why it's especially cool that we could work with a full, fancy, proper orchestra to record the soundtrack for Tides of the Foscari. A huge thanks to all the players who made this possible!

Make sure you check out the breathtaking video of the orchestra!

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