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W40K: Inquisitor | Season of the Void Brethren - Release Trailer

The Season of the Void Brethren has arrived! This marks the third seasonal update for Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr and is now live on PC (Steam). Season three will aim to bring an interesting and rewarding gameplay flow, as players will encounter seasonal enemies on basic missions, acquire seasonal items, and with those they can open up new, more challenging missions with unique fights and rewards. Season of the Void Brethren will bring a fresh start for every player with new seasonal characters.

New updates include:

  • Void Shard Exchange
  • Void Crusade Co-Op
  • Tech-Adept Overhaul
  • New Objectives
  • New Trophies
  • Currency Panel
  • Seasonal Insignia
  • Loot Auto Pickup filter
  • Loot from Destructible Objects
  • New seasonal items

Check out the W40K: Inquisitor Season of the Void Brethren - Release Trailer above for more info. 

Michael Abraham (Gamewriter)

Michael Abraham (Gamewriter)

Staff Writer

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