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Watch_Dogs PR Stunt Causes Bomb Scare

Watch_Dogs PR Stunt Causes Bomb Scare

Watch_Dogs is about hackers, once you can get to actually play it. Not, as one PR firm or perhaps Ubisoft themselves, about breaking into safes.

So when Australian news company Ninemsn received a package, which the courier did not get a signature for, they were curious to find a safe inside, reports mUmBRELLA.com

It arrived along with a letter telling the reporter it was addressed to, to "Check your voicemail". The reporter had no voicemail, so they entered the PIN number which was taped to the top of the safe. It began to beep.

At this point, if it had been delivered to the GameGrin offices, we would have all run. But not Australians.

They moved the safe to the basement and got the bomb disposal squad in. They pried open the safe and...

bomb squad officers called in to open the box in the basement of the building. Inside was a copy of new Ubisoft video game Watch Dogs alongside a baseball cap and beanie, and a note saying it was embargoed until 5pm.

safe contents

Ubisoft have yet to comment.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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