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Weird West's Road to Release Grows Longer

Bad news for all you gunslingers out there, as WolfEye Studios have released a new video to confirm that Weird West, originally set for release this January, has been pushed back to 31st March 2022.

In the video, creative director Raphaël Colantonio admits to the game not being quite ready yet, and that a few kinks still need ironing out. Whilst this may be disappointing, it's good to know that the team over at WolfEye Studios are committed to releasing the most polished game possible.

If you're unaware of Weird West, it's a deeply immersive action-RPG and simulator, and it's the debut game from the new team, comprising of many ex-Arcane staff, who have previously worked on titles such as Dishonored and Prey. Having played both of these games, we're confident that Weird West will be a must-own title.

Weird West will be available on 31st March 2022, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One (and day one Game Pass), and PC.

Mike Crewe

Mike Crewe

Staff Writer

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