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What's Happening with the Tower of Fantasy V4.1 Update?

What's Happening with the Tower of Fantasy V4.1 Update?

On the 2nd of July, Tower of Fantasy updated to Version 4.1, and with it, players level 6 and above will have received 500 dark crystals to compensate for the server shutdown and 200 more to compensate for the client update. But you may be wondering, what are you going to get from this update? 

While you've no doubt spotted the new world boss, Phantasmic Scorpion, and the new Simulacrum story, Wednesday's Espionage! where Anka has sent an invitation through the private Wednesday channel, and it's up to you to investigate why you were recruited and what their goals are.

But what else is there? Well, Tower of Fantasy will have a new Simulacrum, a limited Simulacrum: Anka, and a limited weapon, Poppin' Stick. There will be other new/updated content and new seasons for Frontier Clash, Origin of War, and Void Abyss August.

The Boundless Realms: Bygone Phantasm and Sequential Phantasm will have Level 61 and Level 13 activated, respectively. There will also be a new instance of a limited-time raid in the form of Matrix Hacking. You'll also be able to face a new level 94 boss: Iron Tomb, who will be added to the Evolution Vanguard.

There will also be a change in some gameplay rewards to Augment Module Box V, with the module also being available in the Crystal Dust Store. A new Titan part exoskeleton will be available as well.

In terms of gameplay, you'll notice that climb won't consume endurance, and the endurance consumption of jumping will decrease. Physical vehicles will also add a function of gravitational orbit adhesion, and the maximum number of friends you can have will increase to 100. There will also be further support for wearing more accessories simultaneously, and the Speedy Lightwheel vehicle's automatic cruise control has been optimised.

New Events have also been set up for July, which you can read more about on Tower of Fantasy's event page.

Events that have already started as of the 2nd of July are:

  • Challenger's Tasklist 
  • Phantom Thief Boot Camp 
  • Secret Trials 
  • Master Strategist 

All four of these events will be running until the 6th of August, and you will unlock the chance to play them after completing the Story Mission. There will also be some events that are starting later but will also only be running until the 6th of August.

These events are: 

  • Glory Showdown (9th July)
  • Phantom Thief Survival Guide (16th July)
  • Ultimate Champion Tournament (23rd July)
  • The Authorizer Trial II (30th July)

Other events include Supply Run and Joint Operation Double Drops, and the Azure Breeze event will be held each week from Friday to Tuesday.

From 19th July until 17th September, you'll be able to get the new Authorizer outfit for free in the form of the Summer Vacation Gift. Also, from the 19th of July until the 6th of August, you just need to log in to the game during the event to claim Navigator Mi-a, the Mi-a outfit, and a special Network Gift.

There will also be the Free Pick Reissue for Zeke and Yan Miao, and a Free Pick Up Special Order Gift. Other Special Orders include Nostalgic Memories, Molinia Reissue, Dreamcatcher, Dreamy Phantom Reissue, and the Desert Vehicle Mystery Box. 

You will also be able to get the Eighteenth Pass. As part of the content update, you'll notice that Rubilia: Lost Art will be among the Special Order Choice Weapons, and the Interdimensional Leap outfit will be permanently available in the Store. Also, Astra will now display the winning entries of the Creator Space event in Part of the Gesthos Network World.

To find out more information about the update, feel free to check out the Tower of Fantasy Steam Page for more in-depth info. 

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