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Wild West Online Launches this Year

Wild West Online Launches this Year

Wild West Online from 612 Games has raised enough funding to launch in 2017. The action online multiplayer game after gaining an overwhelming response from the game's reveal - the team was even able to bypass Kickstarter and Steam Early Access to make its way to a full release.

The team at 612 Games have been hard at work developing their Wild West MMO, but it wasn’t till a leaked screenshot, thought to be from Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 that the team saw massive raise of interest. This allowed the team to receive further backing and will also release with their previous stretch goals in place at launch.

screen 00004

612 Games want to create the ultimate wild west experience. Wild West Online is an open-world action-based, online multiplayer game sees players explore the world within a exciting and thrilling Wild West setting. With masses of content, including world exploration, PvE missions, PvP combat and more. Players can take on the roles based on their decisions and actions and be either lawman, outlaws or pioneers of the Western Frontier.

For more information and a chance to take part in their upcoming Alpha and Beta's visit http://www.playwwo.com/

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azrael316 - 12:02pm, 26th May 2017

A "Star" based "wanted" level.. Gee, thats inovative....