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Will No Man's Sky Pull an Arkham Knight?

Will No Man's Sky Pull an Arkham Knight?

If you were reading this site about 13 months ago, you will have followed the debacle which hit Batman: Arkham Knight, when it hit PC shortly after consoles. Well, with No Man's Sky having been on sale on Steam for less than three hours at time of writing, it has nonetheless managed to get a similar level of scorn from Steam User Reviews.

One day after going on sale, Arkham Knight was yanked from sale from Steam, as well as other online outlets, after over 6000 negative reviews.

At time of writing, No Man's Sky has almost 4,000 negative reviews, to over 2,000 positive reviews. And not all of the positive ones are worded positively, with "The refund button works well." being one such positive review.

CEO of developer Hello Games, Sean Murray, has taken to Twitter to list some of the reasons that people are experiencing poor framerate issues, terrible lag and graphical glitches.

People began to worry when the download came in at under 3GB. This was after Murray had stated it would be 7GB, and Steam lists it as requiring 10GB of space available.

Of course, the performance issues for Arkham Knight seemed to be a luck of the draw for most people. It was either slow, or it was fine, for people with the exact same setup. Of course, Warner Bros Games weren't as swift to issue a patch - one should have hit Steam for anyone who has already installed the game as of this post.

Nonetheless, we will keep you posted.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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Calmine - 03:39pm, 13th August 2016

I have to admit I did purchase and while the performance wasn't severe its wasn't great. I very rarely refund games, but I felt it was best with this title until they can get it fixed. 

TheSphericalCat - 03:47pm, 13th August 2016

The writing for this was on the wall when there were no PC review codes before launch, though looking at the majority of helpful reviews on steam right now people aren't actually enjoying the game when they've done all the workarounds to get there...