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Wizard With A Gun Comes Out on the 17th of October

Wizard With A Gun Comes Out on the 17th of October

Wizard With A Gun is an online cooperative sandbox survival game developed by Galvanic Games (known for Rapture Rejects and Some Distant Memory) and published by the always fun Devolver Digital. You play as a Gunomancer, where you alone or with a friend can adventure into the unknown to grab the resources needed to create the weapons, equipment, and furnishings needed to conquer the magical wilderness. Here are some of the features that’ll make this bullet/spell-slinging adventure a wild one.


Online Co-operation

Go at it alone or with a friend, fight through the magical unknown and collect resources to improve your equipment and your tower and help make that next outing a little more easier… or die horribly. Either way works.


Weapon Customisation

Basic bullets and spells just won’t cut it sometimes, so use those resources to improve your weapon and add wild effects to them. Freeze enemies, set the ground on fire, floor the battlefield with electricity. All great wizards don’t become great without going a little crazy.


Character Customisation

Those dreary robes won’t last more than a few hours, so experiment with a whole host of fancy robes and hats to make your Gunomancer your own…and probably leave a pretty corpse behind if there is anything left


Randomly Generated Biomes

No two adventures are the same! Run through randomly generated levels with an art style similar to Don’t Starve. Don’t just stand around and enjoy the view though, because there’s a lot trying to kill you, so you should kill them first.


Systemic Gameplay

Play with various spell combinations and how they affect the world and your enemies. You can either completely destroy everything in your wake and completely screw up. Hey, great discoveries often come after countless (and maybe disastrous) failures.

WWAG Release Date Thumb

Once again, Wizard with a Gun (god, that’s an awesome name) will be coming out on the 17th of October 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X and PC via Steam, with Nintendo Switch coming later down the line.

Dylan Pamintuan

Dylan Pamintuan

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