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World of Warships Release Gets Dated

World of Warships Release Gets Dated

Wargaming's latest war vehicle MMO World of Warships has finally been given a launch date, and it's soon!

Based on our Open Beta success with World of Warships, Wargaming is poised to launch our next big game. With 2 million participants and the average player spending 3 hours a day in game we have an armada of sea captains ready to take the helm of the ultimate naval combat game.

- Fred Menou, Head of Global Publishing, Wargaming

With over 80 vehicles available at launch, including the battleship Yamato and the aircraft carrier Midway, players will get to run through two full tech trees at launch; Japan and USA. There are also vessels from the UK, USSR and Germany, with more on the way.

Take to the high seas from 17th September on PC.

Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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