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Xbox One Cross-Play Coming to Fortnite

Xbox One Cross-Play Coming to Fortnite

Epic Games took to their blog again this weekend to clarify that the Xbox One version of Fortnite will too be getting cross-platform play, after it announced it was coming for PlayStation 4.

The news comes after Epic announced a mobile version of the game, and initially only mentioned that iOS and Android players will be able to play with PC and PlayStation 4 players. Still no cross play between the Xbox and PlayStation, however.

Once the feature is enabled, it'll be opt-in - so don't expect to be paired with mobile players immediately, unlike how it's handled in Rocket League.

The mobile variant will be invite only for the near future, with sign ups starting tomorrow. Go to the Fortnite homepage tomorrow to get your name down to make those morning train journeys a little more palatable.

James Martin

James Martin

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