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Yakuza Studio Developing New IP

Yakuza Studio Developing New IP

Yakuza Studio, known for the hit Yakuza series of the same, are now developing a new IP for SEGA. The CEO, Hanuki Satomi, has mentioned that although he can't comment too much on the subject, he is able to let fans know the new IP will be coming out for consoles. This can be found in the magazine Weekly Famitsu.

The studio themselves have already been incredibly busy remastering and releasing several titles into the western region, so it's quite intriguing to think what this new, currently in-the-works title might hold for players.


In regards to where to look for further developments on this story, E3 and PAX are still coming up so perhaps those are two opportunities for more information to arise on the situation. 

Ethan Butterfield

Ethan Butterfield

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