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8-Bit Adventures 2 Preview

8-Bit Adventures 2 Preview

The demo for 8-Bit Adventures 2 is the shortest I have played during Next Fest. Clocking in under 15 minutes for the Prologue it seemed quite short. You may be wondering if this was enough time to give the player an idea of what the full game is like, or if it felt rushed. The demo was the perfect length of time, the way the story is told just made me want more. I have to find out what happens, and I’m sad I have to wait until the full game comes out!

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The artwork on the game’s title screen shows two different characters, on opposite sides of the screen. Both are sitting on a ledge looking out at the town below them. The character on the left has a town full of factories and pollution and his character looks like it’s glitching. In contrast, the guy on the right has a serene and clean looking city. I haven’t got a chance to play the first game in the series so I’m not sure if they are characters from the previous game or new for this addition to the series. From the game’s title, you know that this is a game full of 8-bit style graphics and a chiptune soundtrack to accompany it. Growing up playing the original Nintendo it made me very happy to see this, nostalgia is a powerful thing!

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When the game begins you start as a traveller walking through a desert in a sandstorm. The character’s name is unknown and all you see is "????", so just call him whatever you want. I’ll just think of Mr Questionmark in my head until I see otherwise. You come across the skeleton of an animal that has horns like an ox or a bull; I thought nothing of it until the skeleton jumped up and began to attack me. The battle is like the ones you would see in classic turn-based RPGs. You have multiple moves you can make in the battle, you can Attack, Bash, use an Item, or Defend. If you choose to Attack, you choose between Weak, Normal, or Strong Attacks. The stronger the attack, the higher the chance of missing your target. Once you defeat the Rattling Ravager foe, Mr Questionmark makes an odd comment stating “at least I know the Computer was right.” Wha?? I am so curious who or what this Computer is.

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You continue exploring the desert looking for some unknown thing and trying to avoid falling into the multiple sand whirlpools that are in your way. Your character learns how to push over pillars, so you have a makeshift bridge to pass over the hazard. When you find the thing Mr Questionmark was looking for, six skeletons spring up to attack. There’s a flash and the Rattling Ravagers fall, there’s a reflection in your character's eyes, and the demo ends.

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I have so many questions!! The story in 8-Bit Adventures 2 is an intriguing one and I can’t wait to see the full thing when the game comes out! Maybe while I’m waiting I will go back and try out the first 8-Bit Adventures game to make sure I know all the references that show up in the game.

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In the main menu, you have a choice between the Prologue, Dungeon, or Town. The Prologue is the mini-story mode that I just played through, the Dungeon is where you learn all the specifics of battles, and the Town lets you explore one of the towns in the game and interact with the residents.

If you are a big fan of retro-style turn-based RPGs this is a demo that you need to check out!

Alana Dunitz

Alana Dunitz

Staff Writer

Lover of cats, coffee and all kinds of videogames! With a soft spot for retro and import games.

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CriticalGames - 12:51pm, 1st March 2022

Developer of 8-Bit Adventures here - Thank you so much for writing this preview Alana! I really appreciate it. And I'm very glad the prologue got you curious - that kind of intrigue was exactly the sort of thing I was hoping players would take away =)

I'd be happy to send you a review code if you're interested, so please feel free to contact me at criticalgames@tpg.com.au

All the best!


Alana Dunitz
Alana Dunitz - 01:53pm, 1st March 2022

Thank you so much for your comment! I had a great time playing 8-Bit Adventures 2 and I love the little bit of story we saw in the demo, definitely left me wanting more!