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A Gummy's Life Preview

A Gummy's Life Preview

A Gummy’s Life is a multiplayer fighting game developed by EP Games® that looks to challenge the exceptional Gang Beasts. The game is currently in Early Access on Steam, and features a very basic single player and split screen mode.

The premise is virtually identical to that of Gang Beasts; players fight in arenas that feature a variety of environmental traps or obstacles. Players must fight one another by hitting, kicking or headbutting the other combatants before chucking them over the edge of the arena or into one of the aforementioned traps.

What makes A Gummy’s Life slightly different is the use of gummy sweets as characters. It’s not a huge change from what has already been established in the genre, but it’s a nice look that is likely to tick the boxes of parents wondering “can my child play this?”.

The combat feels a little off at times; the power delivered from punches and kicks seems totally random, a punch will occasionally instantly kill an enemy but at other times it will do next to no damage. Character movement and control can also feel a little bit sluggish, something that desperately needs fixing considering that it is a fighting game.


The strongest offering that A Gummy’s Life has is the variety and playability found in the arenas. All of them have a unique theme that plays very directly into how each fight develops, and the developers have designed each level to interact with the characters as they fight. One of the best examples of this is a level that takes place on a clock face; the clock slowly counts down until the floor of the area sinks into the ground, leaving the numbers as raised platforms. Players stand on the numbers as the clock’s hands slowly speed up, forcing players to correctly time their jump - making it feel like an episode of the TV show, Wipeout.

The UI needs some serious work, it’s geared towards mouse and keyboard use but the game is primarily designed to be played using a controller. It’s incredibly jumbled and it can be quite easy to lose your cursor or position on the page. While it is only a minor gripe, it’s something that I found frustrating whenever I was forced back into the menus.

I also found that the game really struggles during some of the more visually busy arenas. I don’t have a powerhouse of a PC, but considering the game's simple visual design, the game should be running far smoother. I sense the title still needs a lot of optimisation work to hit that crucial 60fps.

Once you’ve played the available arenas a few times, the game starts to fall flat. This is one of the biggest flaws of the Early Access system; you’re essentially seeing what a game could be further down the line with no guarantee that it will ever reach that point. This is where A Gummy’s Life currently stands; a game with a fun concept, that lacks enough content to keep players coming back. I would recommend waiting a few months to see if the developers do deliver on the planned content.

Thomas Hughes

Thomas Hughes

Staff Writer

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