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Creekside Creep Invasion Preview

Creekside Creep Invasion Preview

[Please note, this preview was written back in June]

Oddly enough, I really enjoyed Creekside Creep Invasion. I find this odd for the pure reason that I normally dislike or at the very least, shy away from 2D roguelites. Well, just games that are centered around 2D in general. That is more of a personal taste rather than anything else.

Anyway! The game itself is primarily “handcrafted”, as the developer describes it. Whilst I assume this means hand-drawn, he has managed to code the game to ensure that the areas which you fight within are procedurally generated. In a way comparable to how XCOM 2 would generate a map from a variety of tiles, this game does something very similar. With each area being different, of course you are going to encounter some strange and bizarre creatures in each one.

The game truly lives up to the word “creep” in this aspect. From vampires, to werewolves, to zombies, and even a wizard that hurls purple spells at you. The game keeps you on your toes as you frantically move from side to side, up and down and all around your opponents in an attempt to ensure that you dodge their incoming attacks, and land some of your own. Of course, the game does not expect you to fight them off with your fists. Oh no… Instead? Your weapon will randomly change into a variety of different types of munition. Including but not limited to; water balloons, molotovs and even eggs that have the chance of hatching into chickens after you have fired them from your weapon and towards the enemy.

I decided to dig a little deeper into the production of this game, for the most part it has most certainly slipped underneath my radar. Oddly enough, I learnt some great things as I went deeper into the history of the game’s development. Whilst delving into the Steam discussions, I discovered that not only was the developer allowing people to critique his work actively, he was responding well to it and taking advice from people within the game’s discussions thread. One excellent example of this is the addition of the “dash” feature. Something that was not originally in the base game but upon one of the Steam users bringing it up as a potential feature; the developer was straight onto it. One patch later and the developer had included it into the game.

MinorThreat, the developer of this Creekside Creep Invasion, was even willing to hand out a free copy of the game to one lucky user. For the simple reason that they were the first to post on the board. I have to say that this impressed me a fair bit. I would like to see this game go great places as the developer clearly loves this game.

Who knows, maybe some features that run off of Twitch’s systems might appear in the future? It would be interesting to see players vote as to what sort of items were dropped into a streamer’s lap. I am sure the community would love to watch one of their beloved stars suffer as they spam him with items that increase the enemy’s HP and power.



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