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EGX Rezzed Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death Preview

EGX Rezzed Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death Preview

Arthurian legend is a seldom visited setting in videogames, and the ones that do tend to focus on the main man himself. Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death takes the spotlight to a couple of the supporting cast in Lancelot Du Lac and Morgana le Fey; an unlikely couple cursed with immortality by Merlin. Together, they walk the ages and help out where they can - mostly in dispatching magical creatures. We join them in the late 19th century in Norway, where the pair must solve a murder that occurs outside their own hut.

The game itself is a point-and-click adventure, where you can control both Du Lac or Fey. You have to use their individual skills to solve murders and bring their mystical perpetrators to justice. The two do have distinctly different skills too, as Merlin trapped Fey in the body of a dog for her crimes against Arthur. This means she can talk to animals and use her heightened senses to detect things the human Du Lac cannot. It also means she can slip into places he cannot go. Du Lac is no slouch himself, as he is still a strong and capable knight and we see him fending off demons and trolls.

The section I played at EGX Rezzed took place entirely in Norway, but the bulk of the game is set in London. More specifically, it’s set in Whitechapel in 1888. For those not following, this game’s primary antagonist is Jack the Ripper. It’s also worth noting that there is a third playable character: Mary Jane Kelly, also known as the final victim of the ripper. These three make for an unlikely trio of heroes, but I’m excited to see these three characters interact and solve the mystery.


Du Lac & Fey: Dance of Death is due to release in 2018 on PC.

Adam Wilkin

Adam Wilkin

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