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EGX Rezzed Let Them Come & At Sundown Preview

EGX Rezzed Let Them Come & At Sundown Preview

The Versus Evil room at Rezzed was a fun place to be, particularly with Let Them Come and At Sundown. These two games faced out into the hallway, drawing people in. Let Them Come is a 2D wave shooter, while At Sundown is a multiplayer stealth shooter made by university students. Both were always busy and I had the great fortune of playing both with Steve Escalante, the General Manager of Versus Evil.

Let Them Come would normally be a game that wouldn’t get a second glance from me, but Steve showed me some of the more complex mechanics and I saw it in a completely different light. The simple-looking static shooter features a deep upgrade system and a variety of enemies that require different tactics to kill - just blindly firing won’t get you very far in Let Them Come!

This was made very clear to me when I got to try it in the special event mode. You are given a set amount of money for upgrades at the start and then left to die to an endless wave. The best scores were saved and the winners earned eternal fame. My name was not amongst those brave, strong warriors, and while some of that could be blamed on the random monster spawning I’m sure it is entirely down to my poor choices.


Following that theme, At Sundown is a top-down shooter where you need to stick to the shadows to stop your opponents from knowing where you are. This also stops you knowing where you are since At Sundown shows you the entire level all the time. The idea is to kill your opponents enough times to win the round, but trying to hit something you can’t see is as difficult as it sounds.

To help, there are a lot of different guns that all act very differently. My personal favourite was a nail gun which could recall the nails back towards the gun, mainly because the spread of the projectiles was quite wide and I liked to set up traps for the other players. Rounds last a few minutes and that is probably the perfect length - rounds can get quite tense if multiple people are close to winning.

It also looks fantastic: the lighting casts so cleverly against the levels, with the shadows giving real depth to the rooms. There is a great variety of level designs too, with a few different game modes to change up the gameplay. I watched quite a few games and played on several levels with Steve Escalante (I’m still not convinced he wasn’t cheating) and every different arena looked and played differently.

Let Them Come is due out this summer and At Sundown is coming soon - the team behind it are only just graduating!

Adam Wilkin

Adam Wilkin

Mobile Editor

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