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gamescom 2017 Preview: Panzer League Preview

gamescom 2017 Preview: Panzer League Preview

These days many developers want to get knee deep into the MOBA genre. The PC is somewhat oversaturated, and the mobile market is progressively getting a whole host of MOBAs, many trying desperately to grasp and emulate the success of League of Legends.

More often these are based on fantasy with playable, borderline, copyrighted heroes. Instead how about something completely different? Get rid of the flamboyant posing heroes and replace them with tanks. That's exactly what developers CipSoft decided in creating its upcoming mobile MOBA: Panzer League.

During my time at gamescom 2017, I was invited to see the game and try the game first-hand, as the game is still in its testing stages and currently only available to select territories.

Since it's a game all about tanks, the name Panzer League couldn't be more fitting. You've got Panzer for your tanks fanatics, and nothing says competition more than League. Simple. As for the game itself, it's far from simplicity, and even though, I'm not one for MOBAs, especially for mobile, I was rather drawn in.

screenshot 41

Aesthetics aside, similarly to other online battle arenas, you’re placed in a heated 3v3 battle and tasked with the control and capturing of points within the map. Games can be played solo or co-op against AI or when available, against players around the world.

Throughout the battle, you navigate your panzer through the battlefield destroying enemy base turrets, smaller AI-controlled cannon-fodder and of course, opposing panzers.

As you play, you’ll be progressively upgrading your panzer’s abilities and destructive power. The tide of battle can always change course, so if playing in co-op coordination is required to destroy opponent's defences and hold the capture points as long as possible, once you’ve gathered enough reinforcements you can take charge toward the primary objective and destroy the enemies’ reactor. All this can take place in a span of 5-10 minutes, which is perfect for on-the-go or on-the-loo.

Outside of combat, you can select from 15 different war machines and customise them to your pleasing, as well as use match rewards to upgrade their weapons and abilities. Not all the panzers are alike, with some having specific roles to aid in battle. You can become, literally the tank of the battle, a healer with a repair panzer, or go in stealthily with invisibility and sabotage.

screenshot 43

Of course, it wouldn’t be a mobile game without the subtle micro-transactions, and I didn’t notice the inclusion. It is free to play after all, and there will be some unique panzers for purchasing, but from what I could tell, especially during gameplay, everything is available from the start, including the available panzers, upgrades, abilities and more. It can all be earned through play, but there are included options to use premium currency to speed-up progress.

Panzer League then, it was pretty decent time-killer, but the only downside when it comes to mobile MOBAs is the oversaturated market. Fortunately, for Panzer League, it’s ace is the unique design and approach. Plus bonuses go to its tagline: Experience pvp in its greatest form - panzer versus panzer!

Panzer League is currently available in selected regions of southeast Asia but will be available to all sometime next year for Android and iOS.

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