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gamescom 2017: Grey Skies

gamescom 2017: Grey Skies

As I continued venturing around the games from indie Polish developers, I took the chance to take a look at a new title being developed by BeeFlame Studios. Called Grey Skies, it was a very unusual game, but what I saw didn’t quite encapsulate the studio's vision quite yet, but was interesting to see nonetheless.

Grey Skies is an adventure game focusing on exploration. Taking on the role of the Wanderer, you find yourself lost in the bizarre Land of Twilight. Haunted by the ghosts of the past, you have to explore the unusual world to seek answers and discover not only who the Wanderer is, but the truth of their past.

Built on The Unreal Engine, I got to play a very early build of the game, giving me an opportunity to wander across the Land of Twilight. It’s a cavernous, broken world, left in ruins, and with little to go by, I simply explored.

Although the developers did say, there isn’t much to offer in terms of gameplay yet, the focus is about exploration and interacting with characters throughout. Despite being a dense, unworldly place, you’ll be contacted by a mysterious person on your mobile phone. They seem to know you, even asking if you’ve lost your memory again, which raises questions of who can be trusted as you discover more fragments of the Wanderer’s memories.


The character is essentially your own worst enemy, with confliction and loss of memory, Grey Skies follows, according to the developers, six diverse stages. Confrontation of their own demons and fears, pushing forward towards the truth. The truth, however, is up to the decisions of the player. Everything isn’t set in stone and the final outcome of the story is determined by the actions of the player.

With all that said, there wasn’t much else I could see and partake in the world of Grey Skies. It was, after all, a very early build. Nonetheless, there is enough shrouded mystery that it could very well be a game to look out for.

No release date has been given as of yet, but the team at BeeFlame Studios are making good progress and once alongside a publisher will be able to release Grey Skies on PC and console soon.

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Calum Parry

Calum Parry

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