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Minion Masters Preview

Minion Masters Preview

An odd mixture of MOBA and real time card strategy, something that I have never encountered before. Honestly, Minion Masters is incredibly refreshing and something that I highly recommend. This game has taken the market by surprise, more so than most people can imagine and with a rather clever marketing ploy as well.

No doubt more than a few of you have had a free copy of this crop up in your inventory. If it has then why haven’t you played it? Whilst it isn’t the greatest game of all time, you are certainly missing out. For a free game, it’s absolutely incredible. With plans to turn free-to-play in the near future, it is also worth waiting for. Well, you could check with your friends to see if they have a free copy they can throw in your direction, I promise at least one of them will.

The game focuses mostly around building a deck of units and defending your main point from the opposing forces, using a variety of heroes and special abilities to try and turn the tide on your foe. The units themselves often have their own unique abilities. With careful planning, you could be able to use your lowest unit to gain an advantage over your opponent.


The game itself, with it’s rather unique playstyle is very enjoyable. Being able to customise your deck to your own personal choice and able to look at the rather cute characters, it is an all round pleasant experience. Whilst I do recommend this game, highly in fact, I have long since stopped playing it and for a variety of reasons as well.

The main reason, is sadly, that I just started to lose interest rather quickly with it. Battles became incredibly repetitive as there is a strong meta within the game where other players try and build their decks in a certain way in order to ensure that they have an advantage over you. After multiple matches of encountering the same deck It gets tedious and dull. This of course, isn’t helped by the limited size of the map and the fact there are only a few “lanes” that you can use to send your units.

The game has a long way to go to, most of the main issues seem to stem from a lack of low-level variety and uniqueness in strategies. There is always a vibe of “this unit beats this one”, resulting in a rather predictable play.



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