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PaperKlay Preview

PaperKlay Preview

I recently received an alpha version of PaperKlay to test out and write a preview. This extremely short demo, clocking in at only 10 minutes for 100% completion, works as a bit of an overview of Paper Klay's movements and controls, along with a quick look at the puzzles and collectibles that will be present throughout the game.

The demo starts when our protagonist, Chick, sees an egg fall from the sky and decides to retrieve it. Pretty quickly, it was easy to tell that these were going to be our main collectible, think stars in Super Mario. Immediately, you take control of Chick, and it's time to retrieve the egg!

Paper Klay screenshot 1

On your journey, you'll encounter three different collectibles (as far as I could see on the demo), coins, of which there were 40; some sort of glowing sphere, of which there were eight; and the egg, which we only got to retrieve one of. The coins often guided me where I had to go, though Paper Klay seems to mainly be a linear experience. Meanwhile, each of the orbs was hidden behind puzzle elements, which I really enjoyed exploring and getting a hold of.

The movement was surprisingly smooth, with four different options to traverse the land: a double jump, a dive, an attack (which gives you a minor upwards boost), and a paraglider. Although the variety doesn't seem overly astounding, the platforming and combinations I could do with them were enjoyable, and I couldn't wait to try out more platforming puzzles.

Paper Klay screenshot 2

The clay style of the preview is unique and makes for a beautiful look, making me want to explore the nooks and crannies of the world, though some of the textures, mainly the floor, seemed to be glitching a little bit. A very minor error in the grand scheme of things and barely noticeable whilst platforming and running around the world.

Oh, and there’s a cluck button. Enough said!

Paper Klay screenshot 3

Overall, the Paper Klay demo was a lot of fun, and I cannot wait to be able to experience the full game. I love platformers, and I'm confident that Paper Klay will quickly climb to becoming a great addition to my collection once it releases, should it continue down this road. Make sure to check it out yourself for the Dreamhack event and not miss out on the perfect opportunity to see it yourself!

Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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