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Ride 3 EGX Preview

Ride 3 EGX Preview

Continuing the trend of being one of the better enthusiast motorsport games, Ride 3 releases later this year on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. I had the chance to sit down with Ride 3 at EGX and get to grips with the newest additions and improvements.

Right from the off, the game immediately looks far more visually impressive than its predecessor. This is the result of Miletone’s decision to switch to the Unreal engine, a move that has given the game a huge jump in visual quality. Bikes are shinier, environments are crisper and the rain is definitely wetter! For a series that prides itself on realism, this decision was definitely a smart one.

Even with the new engine, Ride 3 still retains the realism and difficulty the series is well known for. I spent my time racing around the Isle of Man - one of the most difficult courses in the game - and even with the track guide on, I still found myself having to take each corner cautiously. The bikes handle like the absolute monsters they are, so players are forced to treat them with the respect they deserve.

It’s clear that a lot of time has been spent working on the finer details here, with each bike having its own defined characteristics. I had the chance to trial a few different bikes and everything from how the bike sounds to the way it drives feels unique. Something that I have no doubt will be a major selling point to those into motorsport.

The game's difficulty is likely to be off putting to many casual players, as there were quite a few people who picked up the pad before realising they didn't have the time, nor patience to get to grips with the games demanding skill level. The Ride series has always positioned itself as a realistic bike simulation title, so it’s no surprise that Milestone has doubled down on the series’s complex physics and handling system.

The EGX demo showed that the move to the Unreal Engine was definitely the right decision by the Milestone team. The game now looks crisper, creating a more immersive experience for those hardcore bike fans out there. We’ll find out if it translates to the full game upon its release on the 8th November.

Thomas Hughes

Thomas Hughes

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