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Run Pizza Run Preview

Run Pizza Run Preview

I got the chance to check out a demo of Run Pizza Run, a pizza delivery simulator (in the loosest possible definition of that term) developed by IZI Games. You play as a pizza delivery guy whose job is to deliver pizzas to various locations across the city to earn enough money to buy your mother a house. Now, this is much easier said than done, considering that every car on the road is out for blood. And since you’re poor, you’re going have to deliver on foot.

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Have you ever played a GTA V Chaos Mod, where it gives every car’s wheels negative friction and a random chance to explode? Well, this is just that mod, but instead of taking place in the expansive world of Los Santos, it’s in some town you could probably download from an asset store. As you run around the city, cars and trucks will barrel down the road and explode in your general vicinity. If you want to survive, I suggest avoiding open areas and crossing the road as much as possible. It can be a little stressful and scary, but that’s only because it resets your progress every time you die, with your only sense of progression coming from the fact that it saves after every five pizzas delivered.

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But let’s talk about the graphics because, as mentioned before, it’s just standard assets from an asset store. I don’t think these assets are bad, but there isn’t anything special here. There was also no music, just the sounds of cars crashing, explosions, and people being run over… sometimes that being me, as some jerk comes out of nowhere and pulverises all the blood and pepperoni out of my system.

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It's clear from the get-go that Run Pizza Run is a joke meant for a few minutes of laughter but doesn’t have any sort of chance of staying in your Steam library for long. Still, it can be fun for someone, so if you want a smaller game full of mindless chaos, this might be one to look out for.

Dylan Pamintuan

Dylan Pamintuan

Staff Writer

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