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SoulQuest Preview

SoulQuest Preview

Recently, my wife showed me an upcoming title named SoulQuest, an indie game developed and published by SoulBlade Studio LLC and TomasJPereyra. This title has a short demo where you can play through some levels and experience the epic combo combat that you'll be wielding throughout the experience.

The story is simple, but the demo section already has a couple of voice actors, which I always appreciate — a well-voice-acted title always feels very high quality. You take control of Alys as she heads out to fight against a monster, the fomorian, after the council of an old wizard. Her quest? Climb through the ranks of the Celtic pantheon of gods, reach the goddess of death, Morrigan, and revive her dead husband, Gwydre.

SoulQuest Preview Gwyndre Screenshot Fomorian

Set in a mixture of Arthurian legend and Celtic mythology, you'll need to use everything at your disposal to fight against the enemies that stand in your way. You can start by choosing from your three standard difficulties, changing things like enemy variety, health, and damage. After that, you're off to traverse five quests to defeat the fomorian and prove your mettle so you may start challenging the gods.

To do that, you'll use a slew of abilities and combos in a movelist so large that it puts most modern games to shame. Over in the menu, you can learn all about your skills, and then it's up to you to find how to chain them, but there are so many skills that it's divided into four different categories: abilities, combat, magic, and finishers. The demo already bolsters 17 combat abilities, one spell, and two finishers, with a slew of movement options to get you through the platforming sections.

SouLQuest Preview Fighting

The short 30-minute playthrough I had quickly turned SoulQuest from an unknown indie title that I had no idea was in the works into easily one of my most anticipated titles to release. The combination of abilities, the way the combat works, the fluidity of the motion, and the overall feel of the game is very well-polished, and I can't wait to see it when it releases.

However, when that happens is still in question — currently, the Steam store page says its release date is "To be announced", which is easily one of the most heartbreaking things I've seen this year. But I now have a title to look forward to that I've added to my wishlist and am following, and I can't wait to experience more.

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Artura Dawn

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