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Spirit City: Lofi Sessions Preview

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions Preview

Productivity isn’t my forte, but Steam Next Fest recently introduced me to a title that might change that. Developed by Mooncube Games, Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is both a game and a focus tool, combining creature-collecting gameplay, cosy Lofi YouTube videos, the Pomodoro timer technique, and more. It’s almost like the devs discovered some sort of magical task-management alchemy, crafting a chill, distraction-free virtual space that rivals my love of going out to cafés to get work done.

When you start Spirit City’s demo, you’ll enter a charming, whimsical room with tall windows, shelves full of books and cute decorations, and lush plants hanging from the ceiling. Customising this space will be available in the full version, but it’s already achieving good writing vibes for me.

spirit city fireplace activity

One of the main ways you can alter the visual atmosphere in this version is by selecting different moods and activities from the menu on the left side of your screen. Moods include morning, afternoon, evening, and night settings, so if you want to study under moonlight or read during the golden hour, you can select what fits best. Activities, on the other hand, change where you do your tasks, such as your desk, bed, bay window, or fireplace. My favourite by far is the cushioned nook by the window, as I always wanted a cosy reading spot like that growing up.

Before you get to work, you can customise your avatar’s look and outfit, and you’ll choose your Spirit, a tiny little creature that will stay by your side while you get through your to-do list. So far, there are five spirits you can catch in the demo. Lenny, the shapeshifting cat, will be unlocked automatically, but the others will need to be lured out by changing soundscapes, activities, and the times of day. If you need a hint about where they’re hiding, you can check your Spiritdex, which logs each creature you’ve found. Oh, and don’t forget to pet them with a little click on their head!

spirit city lofi sessions spirit collection

As for the soundscape, if you regularly listen to Coffee Talk's chill soundtrack, you’ll love the Lofi music options in Spirit City. Mooncube Games did note on Steam that the playlists are stream-friendly, so you can do co-working sessions on Twitch or YouTube. And if you’re in the mood for other sound effects, you can adjust sliders to add rain hitting your window, the soft crackle of a fireplace, subtle vinyl noises, singing birds, and more to come at launch. Not only do these give you a chance to find more Spirits, but they’ll also visually alter your space, such as the level of fire in your fireplace or how quickly the rain is falling outside.

I love setting the scene, but then it’s time to get stuff done, which is pretty enjoyable with the in-game to-do list and Pomodoro timer, which lets you set work sessions and short breaks. I’ve tried the Pomodoro method multiple times before, whether through setting timers on my phone or computer, but it never stuck until I tried Spirit City. Being productive feels calming and enjoyable for once, and I’m definitely looking forward to future features like the habit tracker and journal. It’ll be nice to have everything in one place, as my current task and habit tracking are kind of haphazard at the moment.

spirit city lofi sessions morning

Spirit City: Lofi Sessions is set to release on the 8th of April 2024. There’s a lot more in store, such as XP rewards, new music, and adorable Spirits. The demo will be available until release, too, so if you’re looking for cosy background noise and a fun way to get your work done, give it a try.

Alyssa Rochelle Payne

Alyssa Rochelle Payne

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