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World of Warships E3 Preview

World of Warships E3 Preview

This E3 we were given a new trailer for World of Warships and I must say, it made the game look quite epic. We saw wrecks of ships on land and the battle that caused all of the damage, which made me want to hop on the game immediately.

World of Warships has been in Closed Beta Testing for a while and is finally in open beta for everyone to test out. With the game going from Closed to Open beta we are going to start seeing some very promising updates.

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We have now been told that flags are going to be a big part of the next update in World of Warships they won’t just serve as decoration. Players will be able to earn equippable flags by completing specific achievements. These flags, when equipped, will give players a 20% boost in credits which rewards you even more for playing well.


Not only are flags being added to this fantastic game of battle ships, we will also be seeing some new consumable items. Smoke will be added in, which will definitely add some new strategy to the game as you will be able to conceal a group of ships from the enemy’s eyes. It could even be used to deceive enemies into thinking you are hiding in the smoke, when you are in-fact flanking them.

The last announcement was that we will soon be seeing some new customization options for the cosmetics on ships. Apparently they will be adding in different color camouflage’s that you can earn.


Worlds of Warships is an awesome addition to the War Games collection and I look forward to what they add in the future!

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