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A Tiny Sticker Tale Review

A Tiny Sticker Tale Review

A Tiny Sticker Tale is the latest title by Ogre Pixel, the same developer behind Lonesome Village. Unlike the latter, where there were elements of Zelda and Animal Crossing, this newest entry plays more like something along the lines of the Paper Mario franchise. 

The game starts off as the protagonist arrives on an island that their dad had asked them to visit, along with their sticker album. Right off the bat, you're immediately introduced to the easy-to-learn mechanic of unsticking things, putting them in the album, and then reaccessing them to put them in the overworld as a means to solve puzzles. Thankfully, there's no such thing as putting them wrong or breaking them, and you can stick and unstick to your heart's content. This was one of my favourite aspects of A Tiny Sticker Tale — there aren't any limitations on where you can place them, and you can grab a lot of things, too. Unfortunately, this liberty doesn't give the opportunity to be creative with problem-solving as the game is very straightforward, but it does open up space to have fun by placing things wherever you want and rearranging the existing areas.

Although the progression is pretty A to B to C type, I quite enjoyed it; it wasn't bland and boring — it was just easy and a bit simple. It works well if you're just looking to play something with cute and colourful characters and finish up a 2-4-hour game. I especially enjoyed completing every achievement, which usually involves seeing everything there is to see and collecting every sticker.

An interesting idea that A Tiny Sticker Tale played with was decoration, which was a very welcomed addition to the genre. Anything you pick up throughout the world can be used as decoration, and it’s just as simple as opening the book and dropping the sticker in your house! Although it didn't work perfectly (you can't rotate stickers, so it made it hard to have too many options), it did add a bit more playtime as I tried to get every furniture piece and cosy my home up.

And lastly, I really enjoyed that there were some creative and fun mechanics and mini-games present throughout the journey! I can't go into too much detail without spoiling it, but the developers did a good job at implementing interesting ideas that play with stickers in a way that I haven't seen in the previous Paper-Mario-like games I've tried.

If you like to feel cosy with a relaxing and short game or an easy 100%, A Tiny Sticker Tale is a great option. Although quite short (clocking out about five hours for me to complete it 100%), I very much enjoyed it.

7.50/10 7½

A Tiny Sticker Tale (Reviewed on Windows)

This game is good, with a few negatives.

Although A Tiny Sticker Tale doesn’t bring a ton of innovation to the genre, I think it’s a great game to enjoy if you’re looking for something cute, short, and relaxing to pass the time.

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Violet Plata

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alysroch - 04:38pm, 3rd October 2023

This makes me so nostalgic for Paper Mario! Definitely will give it a go 

Spooky_0ne - 04:40pm, 3rd October 2023 Author

I definitely recommend doing so! Especially since it's on the shorter side!