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Didgery Review

Didgery Review

I am fairly annoyed that this is a game that warrants a review. What I mean by that is an indie game, like the ones GameGrin reviews, should be a start for a developer to showcase their talents. I talked about this briefly in my Project Remedium review. Now indie developers may not have the type of resources that others have to create a stunning low-budget game. Instead of trying to compete graphically they compete interactively with gameplay or with a creative form of storytelling. SO WHY AM I WRITING ABOUT A SINGLE PLAYER CARD GAME! What is this developer trying to show off? That they can code a game type that, at it’s core, hasn’t changed since the late 1980s. I’m sure you can put a group of six moderately intelligent GameGrin writers in a room and a video card game would be birthed at some point. Now with that off my chest I guess I can talk about Didgery.

Didgery 1

It is nearly impossible for me to talk about the gameplay without spoiling it. So I won’t try! You get a drop down style board with randomised cards to fill in slots. To earn points you must match the cards in descending order of the same suit or switch suits with the same face value. Oh but this is where it gets exciting! *sarcasm* If you get enough cards in a row the last one in the series will explode taking all the surrounding cards with it giving you more points. I can best describe the gameplay as all the work of grinding MMO quests without the fun. Sure there are special cards that give you perks, but all those do is give you a few more points when you can use them. The only way I could’ve enjoyed this was if there was a special card I could activate that would throw me into a PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds match.

There is a hardmode that you have to unlock by activating this Mayan demon skull card that begs you to set it free and will grant you wishes. I guess this was the developers idea of humor. So naturally I set him free knowing it was gonna eat half my points or something. But no; I activated hardmode. So I played a bit more only to find I was just as bored but taking longer to go through decks of cards. that’s the other thing, no level progression, just more decks of cards get added to the pile. I guess it just keeps going till you have no more usable moves. Which I would like to point out I never had. Even in hard mode it was easy enough to proceed.

C92r i1W0AARfJr

Ok, so I gotta give them some credit. The connecting of cards was rather fluid and the explosions worked like they said they would. I was a little confused on the points system, but I didn’t care enough to investigate further. Other then that the game ran great. Which is terrible simply because I can’t give a worse rating. That’s really all I looked forward to which may sound petty, but remember kids! I’m not the one who made Didgery. I’m just the sucker who has to talk about it.


4.00/10 4

Didgery (Reviewed on Windows)

Minor enjoyable interactions, but on the whole is underwhelming.

It's a working card game.

This game was supplied by the publisher or relevant PR company for the purposes of review
Nathan Saretzky

Nathan Saretzky

Staff Writer

A big fan of Power Rangers Zeo.

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FranchiscoZEO - 10:19pm, 2nd July 2017 Author

This was one of the most painful games I've played for this site so far... can't wait to say that 4-5 more times in the coming years

azrael316 - 12:41pm, 3rd July 2017

I’m sure you can put a group of six moderately intelligent GameGrin writers in a room and a video card game would be birthed at some point....

And a game that would be universally banned the second it was released...

FranchiscoZEO - 05:09pm, 3rd July 2017 Author

Only if we put Rasher's nudes in... but lets be honest.. we will do exactly that