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Evenicle Review

Evenicle Review

In a world where law orders one man and one woman to be together forever, faithful to one another and no deviations allowed, young Asterisk has come to one decision: he must find a way to change these rules because nothing should stand in the way of love. A noble quest, to be so willing to break the mold and rules of society for true love… so who is he trying to marry that there’s an issue here? Oh! His sisters! Right… um… what?


Ah Evenicle, a game I will admit I had preconceived notions about, but as I seem to be the 18+ game expert around these parts, here we are. Brought to us by Alice Soft and MangaGamer, this visual novel RPG is not for the faint of heart. A warning so soon? Well it’s not for the nudity. Sometimes manga and anime hentai or 18+ style games can just kind of blindly wander into situations that some might find unsettling. There is a disclaimer at the start of the game, and if you can read it in the time they leave it up, I’m impressed. I had to screenshot it to read it all the way through, and yet didn’t find any warnings specifically listing the first sexual scenario I ran into. So, for the rest of you, I’m gonna say this once. If you have any issues with rape, do not play this game.


Moving on! The game starts with our young hero, Asterisk (or Aster for short) waking to his two sisters, twins maybe, saying good morning. Apparently this kid has a thing for his darling sisters, and that’s why he’s decided he has to become a knight. Apparently a knight can do whoever he or she wants and marry as many people as he or she wants. The law of the land is that Eve, the creator, decreed that people are only to have one partner in sex and in life. If one breaks that law, no matter the circumstances, you are banished. Pretty cut and dry, but gotta give the kid credit for his gusto. So he heads to the town of Abel.

At first, the concept of Evenicle sounded pretty typical and unimaginative, really, though I will admit that, as I played, I found it was kind of interesting. Interesting enough to not skip large portions of dialog? No, but the RPG portion was actually kinda fun. It’s very typical of most games of this style, wander around until you hit something and poof, you’re in a fight. The creatures are fairly easy, save for one, which is a purple cloud in a forest on the map. This creature is deadly, and it’s… a gibbon. Yeah, the ape species. I will give points to the game for randomness!


So Aster, the walking hard-on more or less - I didn’t say it, the game did - finds quests around Abel and works to join the ranks of Knight so that he can go back to his fishing village, Fresh Fish Island, and marry his sisters! And more if possible! Hell, collect wives like they’re Pokémon cards, kiddo! So sure, what else do we expect from a game like this? Not much, and honestly the game isn’t bad.

I found myself just playing, working to level up, a true RPG addict. The art is nice, it’s very colorful, and the dialog is cheezy as expected. A little over the top, but who cares, it’s a porn game. I always say it’s good to be self-aware. It doesn’t get more self-aware than an enemy who’s a bunny girl who doesn’t seem to cause damage to you, she just throws hearts and makes cute noises.


All in all, Evenicle has its good points, could be better, could be worse. A more complete warning would improve the game, as being aware of coming upon scenarios like that is always appreciated. The gameplay is fun, the story isn’t bad. Will I go back to it? I might. The RPG elements are fun and, while simplified, still satisfying. For those who like visual novels / RPGs of the more risque variety, this wouldn’t be a bad one to try.

7.00/10 7

Evenicle (Reviewed on Windows)

This game is good, with a few negatives.

A risque visual novel/RPG combo, some sensitive topics are covered within so if you're cool with that, give this game a try. Self-aware and kinky, this is worth a look for those who want an 18+ novel they can join in on with good RPG elements.

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Acelister - 10:02pm, 17th September 2018

I seriously hope that Aster can use his erection as a weapon.

ElisaDS - 06:22am, 11th October 2018 Author

Oh man, so when's your erotic RPG coming out? Cause that's a genius idea. Haha... phrasing... 

Acelister - 08:14am, 11th October 2018

It will be the erotic sequel to my GGRPG. I shall call it - GGRPGXXX!