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FIFA Football Review

FIFA Football is EA's first attempt at a Vita game and if this is a sign of things to come for sport games for the Vita then I can't wait for other popular sport games like Tiger Woods and Madden to hit the handheld. Upon loading FIFA Football I was truly shocked at the graphics and how similar the game looks to the "non-handheld" versions.

As with any FIFA game that has been released there are various game modes that you can play including quick play and career mode as well as online capability. Whatever game mode you do choose to play you will not be disappointed, mainly because if you have played FIFA 12 on Xbox 360 or PS3 the set out of the menus are all the same and most importantly, graphically it is nearly on par with the main consoles, which to be honest I was rather surprised about.

As mentioned above there are various game modes within FIFA Football. Quick match really speaks for itself, you choose two teams to play against each other with nothing to lose. Obviously the main game mode and the reason that most people buy football games is the career mode, and to fans of the series the set out and menus will be very familiar.

Firstly you will have to choose if you want to play through the game as a manager where you will play the matches and choose the team like the classic FIFA games or as a player where you will play the games as just one player. You can also put both together so at the start of every game you can choose if you want to play the game as just your player or control the whole team. Then you will have to choose which team you will want to manage and take to glory.

The other reason that people buy FIFA games is the online play and I am happy to say that the Vita instalment is no different. In the online mode you can play one-on-one with players from across the world. Obviously in the online mode every now and again you will end up playing a player that will either quit if they start to lose or play the game just to take out your players, but you shouldn't let the bad experiences that you may have stop you from playing online.

As you likely already know the PS Vita has a touchscreen and touch back and EA have integrated these two unique features of the console into the game. The touchscreen is mainly used in two ways: Firstly, when you have possession of the ball you can touch where you want to pass the ball on the pitch to get pinpoint passing and through balls; Secondly, when you don't have the ball you can give the screen a quick tap and you will change player to the one closest to the ball.

As well as passing and changing players the touchscreen can be used on free-kicks, when you have moved your player to aim where you want to shoot you then swipe on the screen to add curl and power to get around or over the wall.

The touch back on the Vita acts as probably the most important button in any football game, the shoot button. The touch sensitive back allows for more accurate shooting than using the buttons. As you are closing in on the opponent’s goal, when you press the back of the Vita you can aim where you want to in the goal and the longer you hold down the more power you will have, but if you use to much power the ball will go flying over.

If you don't want to use the touch capability you can still use the buttons like a normal console controller. Sometimes the touch shooting can start to ruin your game as if you forget and accidentally touch the back or just skim your finger over it you will shoot and more then likely give the ball back to your opponent.

Overall FIFA Football brings the beautiful game into the palm of your hands. With the game being a handheld version of this years instalment on normal consoles graphically you will not be disappointed and will be able to pick you the game quick quickly. The addition of the touchscreen controls brings a new dimension to the game and makes it a must buy for any die-hard football fan.

8.50/10 8½

FIFA Football (Reviewed on PlayStation Vita)

This game is great, with minimal or no negatives.

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