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FIND ALL is the very first entry to the titular franchise, which is easy to spot (hah, get it?) among the other hidden object titles by its interesting black-and-white art style that slowly recovers colour as you complete the checklist. This unique twist is the first thing that caught my eye (aside from the adorable alligator; I love them!), as I absolutely adore the idea of slowly watching the game become vibrant.

Of course, I want to give a warning first: this is an incredibly short title — one that only lasted 18 minutes for me, though I plan to 100% the achievements, which consist of finishing the game at different speeds (so, finish the game before 15 minutes, for example), so I'll probably have over an hour once I'm done. That being said, for just £0.89, I don't think that's too bad of a run time at all, especially if you already know you like hidden object games!

Unlike the others from the genre, in FIND ALL, you're given a certain type of item you have to find repeatedly on the map — as an example, some of the first ones are cats and dogs — and as you get them all, the picture will slowly come to life through colours. One aspect I really liked about this was that it made it easier to keep in mind what I was looking for since it was as simple as remembering it was a puppy or a kitty. Additionally, as I played through, I would find little drawings that would stick out to me, and then I'd get to go back and click on them; it sounds silly, but it was oddly satisfying!

Another great feature that I appreciated was the movement in-game. The black-and-white style might have been a bit boring had it been a still image, but you've got several cute animations all across the screen, including an adorable alligator that drives a car across the street! They're not too many, and they're not overly distracting, but they do enough to add even more charm to the title!

I'm not sure if the rest of the entries to the franchise are as short, but it was the only downside I encountered in my time with FIND ALL. It's charming, it's different, and it's incredibly cosy; I cannot wait to try out the others.

So, if you like hidden object titles and have about a pound to spend, I couldn't suggest you get this one more! Whether it's to dip your toes into the franchise or to have a cute and fun game to 100%, I think any fan of the genre will appreciate it.

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FIND ALL (Reviewed on Windows)

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Colour in a world with FIND ALL, a black-and-white hidden object title that I enjoyed too much, though I do wish it had been just a tad longer.

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