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Infinite Mini Golf Review

Infinite Mini Golf Review

Infinite Mini Golf takes you through worlds as you try to get the best score. It's available on PlayStation 4, PSVR, Xbox One and PC.

The rules are simple, try to get the ball in the hole with the lowest number of hits as possible, however while doing this there are plenty of things that will try to mess you up. There isn't a story in this title but there are level mascots. Basically there are three worlds and in each world there are four mini worlds. Each mini world has a character mascot with it, the level is basically centered around the mascot. For example, one of the first mini worlds has a dog as a mascot and so there are objects and aesthetics tied to the mascot. This doesn't change gameplay much however it is nice to see this rather than just playing golf.


There are multiple power ups in the levels, these are designed nicely so that if you take a good shot you will probably be able to secure the power up. These range from boosts to rocket jumps and even to a magnet that pulls you towards the hole. These power ups aren't overpowered because most of them are in places that are really close to the hole.

The themes for the levels were very unique, one world has you playing in a gigantic house, another has you playing in a spooky themed house. This helps you not get bored when you are playing a game that is as repetitive as mini golf is. There are also interactions in the levels such as hitting your ball through a pipe into the hole, or hitting your ball into a lift to have it go into a hole thanks to a helicopter.


There are also many obstacles throughout the levels, with things such as Xbox controllers to stop you from putting your ball in one smooth hit. This is a welcomed addition as it provides a bit of a challenge for experienced mini golf players, but it can get frustrating when you're about to hit a hole in one until the helicopter blows your ball the other way.

There is a level editor in this game and you can also download user made levels, which is a huge positive because there is essentially infinite amount of levels that you can play and download. This gives me hope for the future when people have learned how to use the editor and make the best levels out of it. The level editor for me was very finicky and tough to navigate, there are a lot of options but the way you put the levels together just doesn't click. However this could just be me as I hate level editors on console as it just doesn't feel great.


The art style is very different, it looks like you are a small child who is indeed playing mini golf in these giant environments, it's very cute and it fits the style of the game perfectly. The levels have mascots like mentioned above and they look so cool, it really brings the levels to life.

Overall Infinite Mini Golf provides a fun and unique experience that has never been done before on console, the concept is a novel one, but it's so well executed that it was hard to put this title down. There is quite a lot of content here and it is well worth the asking price.

8.00/10 8

Infinite Mini Golf (Reviewed on PlayStation 4)

This game is great, with minimal or no negatives.

Infinite Mini Golf is a ton of fun, easy to control and is the best mini golf experience you can have without going to a course.

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