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Kingsgrave Review

Kingsgrave Review

When I started Kingsgrave, I thought it was something akin to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and it is, but the modern-day inspiration is clearly there. Egg or Chicken Games' newest title lists itself as an action-adventure game with just a hint of roguelike to it. We have to answer whether this is a game you should focus on reviving or leaving in the grave.

Kingsgraves plot has you take the role of a long-dead king who is revived by the hope of his people. However, the kingdom you return to has been overtaken by a plague that spawns horrific creatures; and It’s up to you to fight the monsters, gather your people together, rebuild the town and increase your power. The plot is pretty standard, with the most interesting part being your revival, although that falls by the wayside after a while. The world is suitably dark and depressing, which is kind of what you’d expect from this setting. 

The main focus of the gameplay are the puzzles and combat, although the latter is certainly the weaker aspect. You start with only a sceptre to attack with, but new skills and abilities will be unlocked over time; however, even with the improved arsenal, the combat is relatively bare bones: the direction your character faces is based on your mouse location, and you click to attack while moving around to dodge. There’s nothing really complex or exciting here, and I found myself cheating the system to win fights more than using any skill. For instance, it is easier to just run in a circle around foes and wait for environmental traps to kill them. It’s not exactly bad, and everything works as it should, but nothing is exciting either. 

The puzzles are a bit more interesting and revolve around the same equipment you unlock for the combat. Essentially, each unlock has a dual function; for instance, a crossbow can shoot enemies and shoot far switches. None of the puzzles are super complex, but it’s still satisfying to find that “aha” moment as you open up a new area of the map and progress. However, it can be equally annoying to unlock the necessary equipment.

Unlocking a new kit is done by exploring the world and finding groups of civilians and totems which require you to kill a set number of enemies. Once you do, the collected life essence will unlock the totem and allow you to repair the buildings using materials you find around the map and people you’ll save. These buildings benefit you in different ways like new weapons or allow you to heal over time. However, it takes a while to get started, especially as materials are relatively scattered. There were points where I was hindered more by being unable to find enough stuff to get the right item rather than any confusion about what to do.  

Kingsgrave is visually reminiscent of the old Super Nintendo Zelda games, although it's not quite the same as true 32-bit. It’s got a retro look that’s nice to see every time a developer uses it, but it does mean that the overall design of the basic enemies is a bit dull. The same issue comes up with the world; it’s quite bland-looking and comprised of various shades of brown. There is some variation later in the game, but it takes some time to get to that level. 

Kingsgrave is the kind of game that is perfect for those who want to escape back to a simpler time in gaming. The plot isn’t anything amazing, and it isn’t the longest game in the world, with it being possible to complete the basic plot within about five to eight hours. However, everything that is here works as it should, and it's fun in short bursts. If you want something new and exciting that’ll hold your attention for hours, this isn’t the game for you, but if you wish to while away a few hours, this is a great start.

7.00/10 7

Kingsgrave (Reviewed on Windows)

This game is good, with a few negatives.

While Kingsgrave doesn’t do anything really new, everything it does it does well. It might not hold your attention for a hundred hours, but you’ll have fun while you are there.

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