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Pupperazzi Review

Pupperazzi Review

I love dogs; I love them so much that I have a mental checklist of all the breeds I've petted so far! So when a good friend of mine gifted me Pupperazzi to celebrate our mutual love for doggos, I just knew I had to give it a review.

The premise is a simple (yet adorable) one: you take control of a sentient camera whose only job is to take pictures of dogs. In order to progress throughout the game, you need to get your social media follower count by taking pictures that satisfy certain audiences or just completing their requests!

Pupperazzi screenshot 1

The missions were my favourite part of the gameplay, as they made the game feel like a 3D hidden object title. Sometimes they'd ask me to snap a picture of a pup with a certain quality — such as having a specific clothing item — and I'd have to run around looking through the areas for them. The achievements incorporate it, too, as one of them is to take pictures of sleeping puppies, and you have to find them throughout the unlockable areas!

In addition to completing requests, you can also fill in your Puppypedia by taking pictures of specific dog breeds! There are also some that ask for a certain requirement, such as dogs blinking or barking. The cutest part is that you can choose and change the picture displayed, allowing you to customise the album to your liking!

Pupperazzi screenshot 2

I was glad to see the freedom Pupperazzi gives during the upload of your pictures to the web. Although you have a limited amount you can share per in-game day before it's considered spam to your fanbase, you can choose whatever pictures you want. The requests don't take up any space from the ones you can upload, which means you can choose the ones you like! Do you want 10 pictures of the same adorable pug? Nothing is stopping you!

And lastly, there are some things you can do with the dogs aside from taking their photos. You can pet them, play fetch with them, and use various items you'll find throughout the areas to interact with them, such as snacks. And after a certain point of progression, you'll even be able to change their outfits into whatever you want! This makes it easy to take some adorable pictures for the album.

Pupperazzi screenshot 3

I fell in love with the game and consumed it in a few hours. It was a no-brainer for me to 100% it! And whilst some of the reviews on Steam thought the simplicity of the gameplay was a downside, I thought it was actually a big part of Pupperazzi's charm! If you love dogs and taking pictures, there's little reason to skip this one! 

10.00/10 10

Pupperazzi (Reviewed on Windows)

Outstanding. Why do you not have this game already?

Pupperazzi does a great job at being an adorable and relaxing game that's easy to put down and pick up at your leisure! 12/10 would pet the pups again.

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