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Roxy Raccoon Review

Roxy Raccoon Review

Roxy Raccoon is a 3D collect-a-thon platformer where you'll take on the role of a very heroic raccoon, who — thanks to the help of her gang of animal buddies — is trying to stop the bored witch Donna from wreaking havoc around the world.

I am a big fan of collect-a-thon titles! It brings me an enormous sense of accomplishment to run around the levels finishing all the tasks and collecting all the items, so I was pretty excited to try out Roxy Raccoon. Who doesn't want to be an adorable little animal running around and foiling a witch's plans?

Roxy Raccoon screenshot 1

When it comes to the collection aspect, Roxy does a pretty great job at keeping you entertained! There are gems scattered everywhere, the quests you have to complete in order to 100% the levels are varied and fun, and there are many cosmetics you can unlock throughout the game. Additionally, the difficulty of the hidden items varies too, which I appreciated since it doesn't ever become too overwhelming nor incredibly bland.

To complete each level 100%, all you have to do is collect the gems and finish all the quests. This was great because, although I love how difficult cosmetics are hard to find, I think it might've become a bit frustrating had they been necessary for full completion.

Roxy Raccoon screenshot 2

In addition to the varied quests, the gems, and cosmetics, there are a variety of levels, too — both visually and gameplay-wise. Some of them are in cities where you'll have to climb the buildings or avoid cars so you don't get squashed, and others are in open areas with trees and nature, among other designs. It was a breath of fresh air to have changes of scenery. As for the gameplay gimmicks, you’ll find there’s a nice variety throughout the levels — in some you’ll need to stealth, fight bosses, avoid swinging trees, etc. 

Roxy Raccoon’s story is quite simple:: there's a powerful witch who is quite bored and is looking for someone to challenge. In the meantime, she's just causing chaos everywhere — making trees spin around, lifting the floor from cities, and even turning some of Roxy's friends into her minions. Throughout the game, you'll meet a cast of adorable (sometimes hilarious) animals who will help you by giving you quests or pointers, and you'll grow the number of people in your hub world by saving them from the witch in some of the levels. Additionally, some of the animals you help will also provide helpful cosmetic services, allowing you to change Roxy's fur and hat!

Roxy Raccoon screenshot 3

However, not all is perfect in Roxy Raccoon. Whilst the game is very charming in its collecting and world settings, it does have a bit of an issue with clunky controls. Although using keyboard and mouse instead of controller helped this a bit, it was still not up to the standards of a quick-paced platformer. I lost count of the number of times I died due to her grabbing onto trees and items by accident or veering out of the direction I was heading to because I ran.

If you come into the game with the proper mindset — understanding it's not a AAA game and adjusting your expectations of its platforming — Roxy Raccoon can actually be a pleasant, relaxing, and cute collect-a-thon title! It's worth giving it a look if you're into playing as animals, collecting stuff, and dressing up adorable raccoons!

6.50/10 6½

Roxy Raccoon (Reviewed on Windows)

Game is enjoyable, outweighing the issues there may be.

Although Roxy Raccoon isn't a fast-paced platformer, it works quite well as a relaxing collect-a-thon, and is worth giving a look-see if you like raccoons, cute cosmetics, and a ton of collectibles!

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