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Satellite Repairman Review

Satellite Repairman Review

Never before have I felt more incapable. This game seems to draw out my stupidity as even the most simple of tasks seem to be beyond me.

A heavily time-based game, you find yourself jumping around on a jet-pack and leaping across the planet. As a Satellite Repairman, you will be jumping from building to building as you produce parts, items and research in order to succeed in your overall goal. Oddly enough, your entire purpose isn’t just to repair satellites. Rather, you need to build them and a planetary defence system in order to protect your world from rockets and asteroids.


Building missiles sites and comm towers allows you to expand how high you can build your satellites. Which, in turn, provided they are outfitted properly with the modules you can build for them, allow you to defend your planet! The premise of the game sounds simple, but things such as technology and research keep the game running! Constantly fighting against time and producing new research to advance your products make your life somewhat easier!

With how the game is, and how I have described it, one would be able to assume it is a rather simple game. In truth? I found it so hard to deal with everything, a constant ticking timer counting down to the destruction of your planet. Honestly? I have no idea what I am doing, I know exactly what I need to produce and how to use it but I still find myself being unable to pass and succeed through the game.

The graphics are beautiful, simply designed and nicely pleasant to look at. I found it to be rather cutesy and suitable to the game, whilst I find art extremely hard to describe I can assure you this isn’t anything that would disappoint.

Anyway, overall, I find Satellite Repairman to be confusing and overwhelming. I am entirely sure that this is most likely a problem on my end and the difficulty most likely stems from me over complicating it.

7.00/10 7

Satellite Repairman (Reviewed on Windows)

This game is good, with a few negatives.

Overall, the game is a tough and harsh grind. I am not entirely sure who would enjoy this game more, or what type of player would sink the most hours into this title. I suppose the game is worth a 7/10! Nothing special but nothing bad either!

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swimmeyfish - 11:23pm, 24th April 2017

I now have more respect for those who repair satellites.