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Spiral Scouts Review

Spiral Scouts Review

In a world where farts have been weaponized… this game should get points just for allowing me to write that sentence. You are the newest Spiral Scout member, Remae, and it’s up to you to free the others and find out just what locked them away in the first place. I think the developer sums it all up quite well on the game’s Steam page: “take drugs, make fun of losers, fart in people’s faces, witness horrific atrocities and so much more worse!” Yeah, this game was just made for insane people like me who love the weird and wacky.

SpiralScouts Trees

Mind you, if weird and wacky was all this game had going for it, this review would be quite a bit different, but fortunately it’s from a trusted dev in a new team: Cantaloupe Kids. What dev created this team with a partner? Huniepot, the developer behind Huniepop and Huniecam Studios. So you know that it’s going to be kind of childish and a little risque. Spiral Scouts is definitely that.

This adventure indie game opens with the main character, Remae, needing to solve a puzzle in order to enter the wondrous world. Full of bright color and drawn in a paper cut-out style, the world feels very reminiscent of games in similar styles such as Pokémon or The Legend of Zelda series. Remae, comes upon a man named Meh arguing with a palace guard about needing to get past him. This game could have easily been a visual novel and I still would highly recommend playing it as the dialog is so ridiculous and pulls absolutely no punches. For example: “Greetings fellow girl! Sure is neat being a perfectly normal girl like the two of us definitely are, huh?”. Yeah, I kinda love this game.

SpiralScouts Pierre

There are over fifty puzzles and thirty different badges in the game, making Spiral Scouts great for those of us who are completionists. You know who you are, and you know you want all thirty of those Scout Badges! The best part of the game is probably that it’s non-linear and designed to be that way. This means you can pick the route you want to take to reach all puzzles and meet all of the interesting people (or “dozens of idiots” according to the Steam page).

The adult humor (which ironically makes the game quite childish) is a factor that really makes the game fun. There is not one iota of seriousness included and that’s why some of us love games like this. Say you’ve had a stressful day, you just want to go home and relax, try to let all of the stupidity of the day go. Nothing could be farther from your daily life than a realm where you fart in guards faces to get them to move along and let you past. At least I hope so! Something that I can just sit back and giggle at while I play, letting go of all of the day’s stresses as I collect sweet and sour Butt Nuts and read jokes about weiners and poop.

SpiralScouts Fart

Spiral Scouts is a wonderfully weird and depraved game full of disgusting jokes that anyone who loved Huniepop and Huniecam Studios should absolutely try. Sure, it’s not Huniepop 2 that many of us weirdly can’t wait to play, but it’s still a well thought out game with tons of puzzles and different ways to play. Choose your own adventure in this “fartwarming” game as you help Remae find a way to release the founders of the Spiral Scouts so that they may carry out the Spiral Ceremony before it’s too late!

8.50/10 8½

This game is great, with minimal or no negatives.

This silly-ass RPG is definitely one to try, especially if you like fart jokes, sarcasm, and general childishness. Fun and addictive.

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Acelister - 01:44pm, 12th October 2018

Sounds like a crazy fun time.