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Starters Orders 7 Horse Racing Review

Starters Orders 7 Horse Racing Review

Starters Orders 7 Horse Racing is a PC game enabling users to meticulously simulate all facets of horse racing management. The game is advanced and designed for the passionate and educated horse racing fan. While it does allow room for education on horses and racetracks, prior experience and knowledge will enhance the user experience exponentially. The game is advantageous to honing the skills of understanding racing statistics and betting, creating a seamless transition to the actual world of horse racing.
Starters Orders 7 is often referred to as the ‘Football Manager of horse racing,’ users go through the process of horse racing management start to finish, from building stables, breeding horses, training and racing the breeds, even fulfilling the role of a jockey. It also allows the user to buy and sell horses, bet on races, enter the starting gate, and race to a photo finish. It even has an Oculus Rift VR headset mode for an entirely bona fide riding your own horse experience. This is accomplished through realistic trainer and jockey AI.

Starters Orders 7 Courses Screen

The best features are the details and intricacies surrounding the horses and the racetracks. It is an excellent comparative to physically going to the racetrack, as it includes all the particulars of what a day at the track provides. It is incredibly realistic and the camera angles within a race are just like watching at a racetrack. The number of breeds and racetracks is immense. There is a horse lineage feature that enables users to view a horse’s origins and data up to 250 years. The handicapping and photo finishes are as accurate as real world racing. These details will impress even the most diehard of horse racing fans.

Starters Orders 7 Racing Screen 3

The downside of the game is its format and user interface appear like a Windows 98 web browser game. It is jumbled, with an incredibly old-school feel, from the size of the cursor to the fonts, and the interactive tabs and buttons. The screen views cannot be overlooked. The racing commentary is robotic and could use improvements but is accurate and thorough during a race.

Starters Orders 7 Racing Results Screen

Once users process the dated look, the gameplay itself is incredibly detailed and second to no other horse racing management simulation game out there (yes, there are quite a few). It builds upon the successes of its predecessor, adding and improving features like race issues, stability, dynamic form book settings, and legendary horses. The vast customisation options and realistic aspects make it a must-play for any horse racing enthusiast. Starters Orders 7 Horse Racing gives players deep insight into how real-life horse racing is conducted, from inception to win, place, and show, and is certainly worth a play.

7.00/10 7

Starters Orders 7 Horse Racing (Reviewed on Windows)

This game is good, with a few negatives.

The vast customisation options and realistic aspects make it a must-play for any horse racing enthusiast.

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Joseph Gil

Joseph Gil

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