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Succubus Girl Review

Succubus Girl Review

As someone who can’t play the horror genre, the concept of the SCP Foundation — cryptids and monsters (AKA anomalies) classed, categorised, and held by some group — is one that I’ve been fascinated by and longed to get into. Well, Succubus Girl seems to do just that, by focussing mainly on one SCP (the catch-all term used for anomalies), and would it surprise you that said SCP is a succubus?

Succubus Girl is like a cross between a digital pet, Lovecraftian horror, and just, like, a big stack of hentai manga. You take on the role of Leo, the new caretaker for Gaia, who is a succubus. Well, caretaker-slash-food source, because as everyone knows, succubi subsist on semen, and as an apparently cis straight male, who are you to starve your big-breasted, one-winged charge?

Along the right of the screen are stats for both Gaia and Leo, showing how hungry she is and her happiness, along with your sanity and a couple of other things that could affect which of the 14 endings you receive. You have 50 days before the game ends, and doing anything such as talking to or observing Gaia will use a quarter of the day, so you can do four things each day. On certain days you get an event, such as a check-in with your boss, which usually also gives you a percentage on your Truth Clue meter. However, you will have to explore the rest of the facility if you want to learn the whole truth and potentially affect the ending you get. There are other characters to meet and interact with, maybe you can cultivate a relationship with them…? Just don’t forget to feed Gaia!

The voice acting, for those characters who have it, is all in Japanese which really sells the style of the game. The music is fine for the most part, with some really good discordant stuff in the event that stuff goes off the rails — I did mention “Lovecraftian”, didn’t I?

Graphically, Succubus Girl is functional if a little basic with a simple interface like any digital pet game would expect. I mentioned exploring earlier, but it’s really just clicking on locations in menus. The character art is great with expressive faces and good attention to detail, even with some of the more surreal elements.

It’s a shame that the same couldn’t be said about the text in this text-heavy game. There are tons of typos including Gaia’s name at some points, the sex scenes can be overwritten, and some things aren’t explained properly. It’s not badly written as the story can be engaging and enjoyable, unfortunately some things just take you out of the game. You can hold down the mouse button to fast forward, but that basically just skips the scene because it moves too quickly for you to skip a short section.

As an entry level to the SCP Foundation, Succubus Girl succeeds without the traps of games where things are chasing after you. It also does a good job of being a digital pet that you can have sex with. However, as an overall package it’s lacking in polish and, to be honest, content. With fast forward, you can get through all 50 days in a handful of minutes if you wanted to, and with liberal save scumming you can experience most of the endings in an hour.

5.00/10 5

Succubus Girl (Reviewed on Windows)

The game is average, with an even mix of positives and negatives.

While it shows promise and has a novel concept, its lack of polish and short play length detract from the sexy monster girl’s wiles. And ample bosom.

This game was purchased at retail for the purpose of this review
Andrew Duncan

Andrew Duncan


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