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The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians Review

The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians Review

Classic RPGs like Dungeon Master always brought a great experience from a first-person view, and The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians is a game that wants to revise that particular genre by offering something new, exciting and filled with plenty of potential. The game is created in such a way that it combines the old-school stuff, all while adding in some new ideas as well.

It’s amazing what The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians manages to keep from the older games, because everything from the graphics to the gameplay seems to be ripped from the old-school games. The new stuff added here is really cool too, because the combat system is refined and more suitable for this decade. The combat also allows you to perform character combinations in order to get a better gameplay and a more interesting experience, which is always a major plus.

The adventure on its own is amazing, as the game manages to offer you a massive dungeon and a whole bunch of enemies to kill. You can also create alliances with plenty of people, something that will make the game a lot easier, and that on its own can really take the experience to new heights.

The variety of locations here is amazing, because you go from corridors to underground places or even evil crypts. This title also has some great puzzles, and there are plenty of them to choose from, each with a variety of mechanics that you can try out as you see fit.
For example, you have a quest where you need to find a legendary set, and that is found under a tomb. In order to access that specific door you will need a key that can be found way over on the other side of the dungeon. The ability to explore the game world is quite interesting, but seamlessly integrating portions of the world in the story and puzzles makes the game a lot more interesting and fun for me.

Another great puzzle was comprised out of stepping stones, as you had to find a specific sequence in order to access a specific hidden area. That alone makes the experience so much fun, because it’s a pleasure to always try and find the right combination, even if it’s some frustration involved here and there.

Like a true RPG, this does focus a lot on character building and it makes the experience very refined. In fact, the game just makes the entire RPG experience feel so alive, and that on its own is more than exciting.

Despite the first person, old-school approach that this game takes, this game does a great job when it comes to providing you with a large game world that you can check out. The visuals in this game are very good, and as a whole the title does a great job when it comes to offering astounding mechanics. It’s really pretty from a visual standpoint.

With a variety of locations, creatures, bosses and a wonderful first person view, you will find The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians as a great, action packed game that still has a classical feel to it. This is the perfect game for those nostalgic for the older RPG era, but it can also be played by newcomers and they will enjoy it for sure. Just give this game a shot, and you will surely appreciate the great gameplay that it offers.

9.00/10 9

The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians (Reviewed on Windows)

Excellent. Look out for this one.

A great, action packed game that still has a classical feel to it

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Steve 'Rasher' Greenfield


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