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Watch_Dogs 2 No Compromise DLC Review

Watch_Dogs 2 No Compromise DLC Review

Well, here is another amazing DLC for Watch_Dogs 2. When I saw the trailer for No Compromise I got all excited and couldn't wait to play it, so here is what I thought of it.

We start off the mission by meeting up with Sitara in the pawn shop buying bondage gear. She passes Marcus her phone with an advert for DedSexxx, a porn parody of DedSec. The look on Marcus’ face was too funny, it was like a “WTF Sitara?” kinda look. She talks about the director Alejandro Jackofski and how much of an asshole he is, so says we should humiliate him on camera to get more followers.

After the cutscene you then have to get to Alejandro’s office, so you head down the road and hack your way through a fence to get to the roof of a huge building. Once inside you see a few naked (yes I said naked as in you can see boobies) people, as well as some in just their skivvies. Of course I was amazed as well, we couldn't stop giggling while trying to walk through to hack a box which gives you access to the camera in Alejandro’s office.

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While on comms with the gang, you can access the camera in Alejandro's office where your objective is to download incriminating evidence to show he's screwing his actors (not in a good way) and hack his phone.

The fun part was to hack around the cameras which lets you see a lot of behind the scenes porn set chatter. I think I spent far too long just listening to the crew interact. Next came the fun part: you control a sex robot.

That's right, a sex robot. Now I know you guys are like what the hell is one of those. It’s got tentacles and it says some dirty things while you move it about, and it has some like 60s porn tunes. You hack a laptop to get evidence, before going down the lift and coming across the first porn scene. I admit I got glued watching it and forgot that I needed to get moving though the mission.

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I managed to move on, jumping from camera to camera and noticing another porn scene. I got glued to it again, as this time it was a woman tied to a cross and a man dressed up in BDSM clothing. As I tried to move on, quickly hacking another camera, I saw more people dressed up in that clothing.

Moving past that I finally found Alejando where you can then hack his phone to read some texts. He ran off to his office, which has a laptop on his desk with the DedSec symbol flipping the bird, leading into a cutscene with Marcus walking through the door into Alejandro's office. Now, this is where the interesting part happens, as Marcus talks to Alejandro he then leans him over his desk and I just crack up where Marcus is saying to Alejandro “I want you to say I love DedSec every time you feel a little ungh back there, OK?” and he starts spanking him with a paddle. You see Wrench, Josh and Sitara watching as they are recording the footage and that completes your first part of your mission.

Now that was a very interesting mission and well thought out, but continuing the No Compromise DLC, our next mission has you meet the gang back at the hackerspace to celebrate Alejandro’s humiliation. After watching the video Marcus walks down an alley next to the hackerspace where he then gets kidnapped by the Bratva.

You have to escape a car trunk when you wake up, as when you hack a camera to the outside you see the car you are in is going to be crushed and you are on the clock (eight seconds) to get the crusher to stop.

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At first I saw the hack and thought “oh this is easy”, but nope I was wrong. When I went in to my “eagle view look” I noticed I had to hack a lot more than just the crusher. I got to zero seconds on the clock, which was very close. Marcus climbed out and got in touch with the gang.

Josh suggested that it could be payback for BDSMania and wondered why the Bratva would care as you looked around and tried to find your gear. You can go in “guns blazing” or be a ninja and sneak around which I managed to do - and I fail at being a ninja most the time.

After escaping the junkyard it sends you back to the hackerspace where you see a cutscene of just the most tear jerking bro love between Marcus and Wrench. And after their brief guy love moment Wrench mentions about knowing one way to hurt the Bratva: blowing up their stuff. Of course this is Wrench we are talking about and Wrench-style is the way to go.

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The last mission is in a Bratva-run train yard to destroy three vehicles and two drug shipments. Now this mission was a kick in the butt as I failed the first time round due to the heavily armed guys that have jamming blockers attached to them. I managed to send one of the trucks into the water, but had to blow up the other two.

The last mission was the most fun, because you get to work with Wrench and I am a huge Wrench fan. You have to meet him at a house, where you find him in a small garage holding a bomb. He tells Marcus to distract the Bratva while the bombs are planted in their empty homes, then steal a boat full of drugs.

Now, what better way to distract the Bratva than to drive around like a madman racing through checkpoints under a timer! Once Wrench has called to say that they're all set up it's time to go and steal the drug boat. After obtaining the boat and sailing out to sea, you meet DedSec on a sailboat and this gives you the last cutscene which was amazing.

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Now some of you might wonder why I would score another amazing DLC so highly, well I literally just said it. The DLC was just amazing, no faults and it was fun to play it and I’ve played it twice now.

10.00/10 10

Watch_Dogs 2 - No Compromise (Reviewed on PlayStation 4)

Outstanding. Why do you not have this game already?

Now some of you might wonder why I would score another amazing DLC so highly, well I literally just said it. The DLC was just amazing, no faults and it was fun to play it and I’ve played it twice now.

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