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Watch_Dogs 2 Zodiac Killer DLC Review

Watch_Dogs 2 Zodiac Killer DLC Review

Ubisoft have released a story DLC for Watch_Dogs 2, called Zodiac Killer. You can start from about half way through the main game, where it gets marked in your phone as a side operation. The mission starts with Sitara calling Marcus to come look at a text, where the gang call Ray to talk about him remembering all about the Zodiac Killer. You are then given clues that lead you across San Francisco, on the trail of what might be the original Zodiac Killer.

A killer is taunting the cops with a cryptogram, so Dedsec take it upon themselves to solve the mystery. You have to get the cryptogram from different spots around the city, the first spot is close to your HQ where you have to hack into the San Francisco Police Department.

Eventually you start to find dead bodies and get audio from the Zodiac Killer himself. It’s creepy, and he sounds like he thinks Marcus is just like him. You do eventually get to see the man himself, but even then you never get to discover who he really is or was.

There are your usual missions like hacking phones, but some of the puzzles took me a few minutes to work out. Like at the StarTer Refinery you need to look around and eventually work out how to get underground to hack a box. When boosting some cell towers I couldn’t figure out how to climb up a big building for ages.

Some of these clues felt like riddles from The Riddler (a Batman villain). It’s like the Zodiac Killer has been about to help you solve the mystery.

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I enjoyed the DLC and there were times where I was unsure how to do things but I managed to complete it and after completing you get a zodiac top, a zodiac mask, zodiac pants and a zodiac hat.

8.00/10 8

Watch_Dogs 2 Zodiac Killer (Reviewed on PlayStation 4)

This game is great, with minimal or no negatives.

It can be a little puzzling at times, and although it doesn't really add anything new it's a good DLC on top of an already amazing game.

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Anna Duncan

Anna Duncan

Staff Writer

May very well be an assassin with a wrist blade and everything.

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