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Witch's Rhythm Puzzle Review

Witch's Rhythm Puzzle Review

Are you a fan of rhythm-based puzzle games? How about anime girls in their underwear? If you are, boy, do I have the game for you! Developer Fogime's Witch’s Rhythm Puzzle is going to be right up your alley. Sexy, cute witches battle each other in this satisfying puzzle game, set to a surprisingly catchy soundtrack, where you need to drop blocks to complete horizontal lines. To be successful, you will need to time the block drops with the beat of the music that is playing. Once a line is cleared, it will appear on your opponent's screen. If the lines hit the top of the screen, the character will strip. Whoever gets down to their underwear first is the loser.

WitchsRhythmPuzzle difficulty

There are 10 different characters you will meet on your playthrough; the first that you will be playing is Ibis, who is a self-proclaimed natural-born witch. You will be introduced to the other girls as you are trying to rip off their clothes. This sounds like a porn-type game, and the characters even admit that in the game, but there is a bit of a story behind it. Someone has cast a spell on the girls’ clothing to make it take control of the wearer; there is nothing they can do to fight against it. Until Ibis comes along and realises what is going on, the only solution is to rip off all their clothes until they get to their underwear. Sorry to disappoint you, but there is no total nudity here; the most you see is a bunch of cute girls in their fancy undies.

WitchsRhythmPuzzle undressingmagic

Each block you drop has a cute face and will bounce along with the music. Once you have six blocks placed horizontally, completing the line, it will be cleared, and the blocks above it will drop down. In the beginning, the music has a very steady beat that is easy to time with one button press. As you progress, the music becomes more erratic and challenging, making it a lot harder to place your blocks where you want. Starting on the left, columns are highlighted, showing where the smiley face will fall. With every beat of the music, the lighted section will move to the right. Once it gets to the end, it will wrap around and start on the far left once again. When your opponent sends rows over, there may be gaps that you need to fill to clear the line. Some of these will require you to get rid of the rows above them before you can access that area.

WitchsRhythmPuzzle smileyblocks

When you are dropping single blocks, it’s pretty easy to place them where you need them. But, as you progress and the music gets faster and more challenging, there will be double blocks introduced. You will not be dropping two single pieces but instead a large block that is twice as wide as a regular piece. So, if you don’t line this up right, it can make a huge mess of your row, creating a lot of empty spaces that will need to be cleared before you can take out the lines below.

WitchsRhythmPuzzle largeblocks

The music that you need to coordinate your block placement too is surprisingly catchy, and every song has a totally unique sound from the previous one. You can even purchase the soundtrack that goes along with this title for twice the amount that you pay for the main game! Visually, Witch's Rhythm Puzzle is very cute with pixelated characters and happy, smiley face pieces that you drop; they all look so happy to be there! The thing that most people are here for is the scantily clad anime girls, who are constantly ditching their clothing. This game is definitely full of ecchi fun and is sure to be a rewarding experience for all who are playing it. Seeing the girls strip is definitely a good motivator to do well in the puzzle, though even if you do poorly, your main character will also take her clothes off, so it’s a win-win situation.

WitchsRhythmPuzzle loss

 Chances are, it won’t take you long to save the 10 different girls in the game. Once you complete it on the easier setting, you can challenge yourself and try the harder mode, or if you would rather, there is a non-stop survival mode that will test your endurance and timing as you play through one stage after another until you lose with 15 different stages, along with some secret bonus levels to challenge, so there is a lot of play here.

WitchsRhythmPuzzle charactersunlocked

Witch’s Rhythm Puzzle is a surprisingly good rhythm puzzle game with fun characters and a catchy soundtrack to play along to. It was a lot more challenging to perfect your timing than I originally expected, which really added to the game, whose story is super cheesy. To be fair, chances are you aren’t here for the story about witches and their cursed clothing; everyone wants to see what’s hiding beneath the layers. This is an enjoyable ecchi game that you should check out, especially with its lower price point; it is sure to give you a few hours of enjoyment!

WitchsRhythmPuzzle porngame

7.00/10 7

Witch's Rhythm Puzzle (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)

This game is good, with a few negatives.

Witch’s Rhythm Puzzle is a fun rhythm game with a silly story and entertaining music to time your block placement along with. If you like Ecchi-style games, this is going to be a title to check out!

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